Friday, July 10, 2009

New Blue

As you can see, my husband has done his work. My blog (which you will get directed to if you visit is now staty and cute. He made the post-header bar complete with mu and sigma-squared. He created a button in my banner that leads to my Etsy store (it was a lot lot of work to get that button in the banner to work out). He even made a cute little icon that shows up next to the web address and on the tab. Marvelous!

In crafty news, I recently got a request for a giant normal plushie. So, I've been working on it. He's going to be about 30" wide and about 15" tall. Normally (ha, normal) they are about 10x5. So this guy's thrice as big. The picture below is just of the pattern I made for it. The request came from a person in New Zealand. That'll be my first shipping over seas! Its two exciting things rolled into one!