Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pillows, Magnets, and Patterns

The request for a normal plushie pillow has been met. After creating a large pattern and setting some details with the customer, I finished and shipped the pillow to the other side of the world!

I'm quite pleased with how he came out. I made and shipped just the pillow case (with a zippered opening) to save on shipping. The picture above just has him partly stuffed. Just enough to hold his shape.

Working huge brought up the idea of working tiny. Enter little 3" long magnets!

And, a while ago I listed a p-value cross-stitch piece. It's complete, accurate, and ready to go. But a returning customer who happens to enjoy cross-stitching herself has requested the pattern. So, now you can also buy the pattern for the piece!

I would also like to say, if you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you are reading this after you've stuffed your pillow case or cross-stitched your piece, I'd love to hear about it!