Friday, August 7, 2009

Calculator Case and Plushies

I've decided to make a calculator case. I haven't gotten very far on it yet. It actually is a rather ugly pre-prototype. I plan to make it lined with fleece or some other soft fabric and to embroider some wonderful mathy design onto a pretty exterior fabric. It will likely have a elastic and button closure, similar to the cozies I make. That seems to be an easy way to open and close the case. (My graphing calculator is the same one my mom bought me back in high school, about 11 years ago.)

I've also started to make some more Chi-Square plushies, shown in yellow. And I've cut out fabric for one log-normal plushie (in pink). I know that I've done one custom already, but I'm still testing my pattern. It would be a shame to cut out many and then realize I messed up some where!