Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Caught Up

I've finished all of my requested items. :)

I made a Shapiro-Wilk cross stitch, a Pythagorean Theorem coffee cozy, some "bell curves", a black standard normal, and two green chi-squares. I also had some requests for the green standard normal distributions and some magnets. All done! Now I can make some other things that I've been out of.

I've been considering getting an embroidery machine. They are expensive. Especially since I'd like software that allows me to take any image I make and digitize it. But I can keep considering and maybe one day I'll go ahead and splurge. I'm sure it'd be loads of fun and I'd use it a bunch. Any one have any suggestions/comments on embroidery machines? I'm a pretty uninformed audience.


Brandon said...

Hi Nicole,

I just received one of your Gauss curves as a gift (the std. normal dist.) and I am really amazed at how clever your curve / pillow is. Thank you for doing a service for math nerds everywhere.

- Brandon

ND said...

Well thank you, Brandon! I'm really please that you enjoyed it. I have to admit that part of the cleverness comes from my husband, he's just as nerdy as I, only sews less.

Thanks again!

Jenn said...

Just found your goods on etsy while searching for a bday gift for my husband. They ROCK! I think I will get a plushie for him in January. He is a Sociology PhD student and would love to know that you made these patterns in R. (I once was a sociology student and am an avid knitter, so I am the bridge linking the love of stats and crafts!)

ND said...

Jenn - Thanks for the wonderful comments! I am really glad you like them and think your husband would too!

I've knit some stuff, but it's not my strong point. I have a hard time making complicated things look good. But I keep working on it.