Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays and Happy Stitching

Despite the sparseness of goods in my Etsy shop, I've still been pretty busy with selling things. I have a few custom requests that I'm working on and some requests to replenish the standard normal distributions.

I'm currently working on:
  • 11 Standard Normal Distribution Plushies. If I can get 11 done soon, then I should be able to make some other plushies and not have to worry about the most common of them all.
  • 1 Shapiro-Wilk Cross-stitch. A fellow Etsian has requested my service in stitching up the finished piece. That has been fun to work on.
  • 1 Pythagorean Theorem Coffee Cozy. It will be just the the Euler's cozy, but with the Pythagorean Theorem instead of Euler's Identity.
And that is it for this week. As soon as I get all of that finished (which I plan to do by Friday), I will make some more Chi-square distributions and then possibly some LogNormal distributions.