Friday, September 24, 2010

Bring on the Babies! Season 2

Spring was baby season #1 this year for me. And this fall brings on baby season #2. Today I went to a shower for 2 coworkers who are each having a baby in the coming months.

So what would a crafty statistics nerd give to coworkers who aren't stat nerds? Statistical burp cloths! But statosaurs and smiley distributions weren't what my husband and I wanted for this occasion. We wanted something more general. ABC's they are general aren't they? I'm guessing these two coming babies will eventually learn to speak.

So we pulled out all the stops and learned how to applique with my embroidery machine. I've been meaning to do it a while now and just never did. So Wednesday night, I just tried it. And you know what. It was pretty easy.

All you have to do is tell the embroidery program that the fill is applique. Then, load the pattern and fabric into the machine like normal, put the applique fabric on top, hit go, and it'll stop at the right spot so you can cut the applique fabric. You've got to cut it REALLY close to the stitching. But that's it. Let the machine finish, and viola, applique!

Here's what we crafted:

A is for Average.

B is for Box Plot.

C is for Correlation.

Great! And the moms-to-be seemed to like them. :)