Friday, February 18, 2011

Cross-Stitching for the Classroom

I always enjoy pictures from customers! Be they pictures for contest, appreciation photos, or pictures of finished cross-stitches. Well I've got another one, and it's extra extra educational!

An AP Statistics teacher purchased a few patterns and has finished the first one! She stitched it up quickly so it could make it to her classroom in time for teaching inference.

How cool is that?! I'm so pleased to see it as educational classroom art!

A couple notes about how she made it and the finished product:
  • It's framed in a 9"x12" frame and is large enough to be read from the back the classroom.
  • It's done with #3 Perle Cotton thread, but it didn't quite lay flat for each stitch.
  • Aida fabric was used, she doesn't quite remember the size, but it's probably about 11 count. (original pattern is for 18 count and finishes for a 5"x7" frame)
Thanks so much for the picture and for sharing your method! Can't wait to see the next one!