Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank-You Gift

Back in November, a fan asked is she could interview me for her crafty blog, Nerd Craftices. It is in Portuguese, so you may not be able to read it (but its a very nice looking blog with good photos). Here is a direct link to the interview itself: Interview by Érica.

Well, after the interview, she sent me a sweet gift. And I mean sweet, this calendar is pretty awesome. :)

It's truly a stat nerd's calendar. She used R to create the images for each month! How cool is that. I love it. It sits on my bookcase where I can see it easily from my desk. :)

Thanks so much for the great interview and awesome gift!


Érica said...

Glad you liked it Nicole! Soon I will post the calendar in PDF on my blog, so people can print it.

ND said...

That would be awesome! How kind of you. :)