Monday, January 4, 2010

New Items

I've got quite a few ideas for new items for my Etsy shop.

I plan to make larger pillows, that can actually be used to lay one's head on. I've already bought materials to make them, it's just a matter of creating something I like enough to share with others. I'd like to have one up in my shop by this Friday. Wish me luck.

I also plan to make a baby quilt. I've already bought fabric and have a good mathy idea. It's just a matter of ironing, cutting, piecing, assembling, quilting, and finishing. Not too much work. :) The green and tan fabric will be used. But the three together are going to be used for a different quilt, one for my baby girl due in May!

And, my wonderful husband and fabulous mom are getting me an embroidery machine for Christmas! We've been researching and looking around and I will probalby have one by the SuperBowl. I am so excited!! That opens up so many opportunities for me to create new things! I plan to use it to make my current plushies and cozies quicker and neater and I have some ideas for new items as well.

I'm excited!