Monday, January 11, 2010

The Progress of the Quilt

This weekend my husband and I enjoyed some time at home. This means I had time to work on crafty things. Aside from doing some household cleaning and general repair/finish of odd items, I worked a lot on the quilt I am making for my Etsy shop.

The quilt is inspired by prime numbers and babies. :) It's a crib sized quilt (about 40 by 48). Here is a picture of where it is as of Sunday evening.

Over the weekend I cut the pieces, pieced it all together, and pinned the front, batting, and back together. I need to go buy some matching quilting thread to quilt it. Then it just needs the edge, which is cut and ready to go.

After this quilt, I have 2 more on the list. But those won't be for sale. Those will be for my niece and my daughter.