Friday, November 19, 2010

Embroidery Machine Troubles

In February of this year I got my embroidery machine. It was a Christmas gift from my husband and my mom. We did research and went around to places to get demos and see what was available. We decided in a Brother PE750-D. The D is for Disney and has been completely unnecessary for me. But that's not the point. Its an embroidery only machine and its been good to me. Until Monday, 11/15/10.

I started to embroider a chi^2 burp cloth. I went to go check on my napping child and when I came back, the machine said "A safety device has been activated." Ok? The manual said I likely had thread somewhere. So I took it apart as best I could, but saw no problem. The machine however, knew something I didn't.

After calling around locally and the place I bought it and my husband, I learned that there would be a 2 week turn around and about 60$ cost to fix it. Jeepers, that's crummy. But my husband suggested I take a 3 hour drive to Wichita (where I bought the machine) and see if they could fix it by Thanksgiving, since we'd be in town then. Well, to save me some typing and you some reading, I'll just tell the result.

A-1 Singer Sewing Center in Wichita fixed my machine the day I brought it in (which was this past Wednesday, the 17th). They said it was a thread jam in the needle bar. But they embroidered up a piece and I will do the same this weekend!

So happy to have it back and so fast too!