Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chi-Square Bookend

You may recall that last week I started working on turning a plushie into a bookend. You can see it here. This past weekend I was out of town (for a baby shower and the Superbowl) and didn't get a chance to work on the bookend. But last night I did and I finished the first one.

It's basically the same thing as my normal plushies save a few things.
  • The bottom has a rubbery feel to help keep the bookend in place.
  • She's got an aquarium rock filled pouch in side to provide weight.
  • The bottom is slightly larger than normal to allow for easier sitting.
  • I stuffed it in a different stop, to so the blind-stitching isn't where it normally is.
But that is it! This one came out a little dirty. The rocks I used were black and they kind of made things look dusty. Next time I'll get non-black rocks and sew them into a pouch with thicker fabric. That should contain the black.

Here's some pictures of the lone bookend in action.

Since she has no siblings at the moment, she buddies up with a good old geode bookend for this demonstration.

Here she is on a good ol' bookshelf. After I took the picture, I moved the bookend to put it back in my room (instead of my husband's office) and the books fell over! :) That means it works!

Overall, I'd mark this as a success!