Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quilt for my new niece

Here are some pictures of the quilt I made for my new niece. She is due May 11th. The colors for her room are light blue with brown and light pink. Actually, the fabric on the inside square in the middle on the top row is being used to create a border for her nursery.

The gorilla on a bike (Jeeves) is an old "buddy" of theirs. It's more of an inside/family joke than an actual I-like-this-image design. But I did hand applique it on (it's fleece).

So yeah, that is why I haven't had time to work on other things recently. I wanted to finish that! Oh, I also whipped together some burp cloths with left over fabric using homemade by jill's pattern. I did change some things. No batting and no fringe. I should have made it a little thicker though, one layer of cotton and one layer of flannel isn't very thi