Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Testing A New Product?

My Etsy shop and homework have been in a lull lately. But I have good reason! I can't share it yet, but on Monday I will. You'll just have to trust me for now. :)

But, I did whip up this super-cute zipper pouch on Sunday night. The pattern is from Indie House. I did make some small changes, and I plan to make more. But the pattern was free and super simple to do!

Here is the completed pouch.

One change I made was to not have the raw edges exposed on the inside near the zipper, you can see that below. I also serged the corners (and should have surged the other open seam you can see below too).

The problem is, now what do I do with it? It's an odd size. About as tall as my lip balm.

I could use it for holding an apple? That fits pretty well, but I didn't use any padding, so it would roll around and likely get bruised.

It also fits snacks quite well. Now that I have a baby growing inside of me, I usually have a variety of snacks on hand to feed my hunger.

So, besides it not having a purpose yet, I really like my little pouch! I plan to add a handle to one and an tab to the other and make it a more pencil-y size. Also, I'll embroider some witty statistical/mathematical design on to it. But for now, I just have some cuteness.