Thursday, February 4, 2010

More New Products!

Yesterday I received a query from an Etsy user about making my plushies into bookends. (Sweet idea.)

Now, think about that. How awesome would it be to have a chi-square holding up your books! I had to agree with her, this would be wonderful. So, last night my husband and I brainstormed and went shopping (he's so good about that!). We bought some aquarium gravel and shelf liner.

Why? Starting with the gravel...I made a small pouch of about 1 lb. of gravel. I plan to stick that inside of the plushie so it has some weight. The shelf liner is the stickiest one we found. I plan to use that to line the bottom of the plushie so she doesn't just slide down the shelf with the books following her.

As long as I sew the shelf liner between two layers of fabric, it works great.

I did some testing, and was pleased with the results. Now, the books I used are pretty small, so that might call fro a retest, and the shelf I used is just sanded wood, not even finished, so it has more grip on its own. But, even with a little bit of lean, the 1 lb pouch alone still held up the books. I placed it in a variety of positions and all were successful.

This was reassuring! Sadly, I will not have time to work some more on this until Monday night, but I look forward to it!